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Thank you for signing up. Your registration is held for 24 hours.

Please e-transfer payment to with your full name in the notes in the next 24 hours.  If you are joining with other parents, please also specify their names too.


1 parent:            CAD 690 + GST 5%, Total $724.5

2 parents:          CAD 640 per person in a group of two + GST 5%, Total $672 each

6 parents:          Forming your own class at a location of your arranged choice for only CAD 590 per person + GST 5%, Total $619.5 each

Please send your transaction record to and specify:
1) your name

2) the class date you are enrolling (e.g. THU mornings)

3) name(s) of other parent(s) if you are enrolling together

We will contact you by email with all the details you need within three business days after payment is received. See you in class!

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