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About P.E.T certificate course with Rachel Miu

  • The ONE and ONLY P.E.T. certificate course available in Vancouver area

  • Upon completion, participants will be awarded an internationally recognized certificate by Gordon Training Institute

  • Learning a comprehensive roadmap with corresponding communications skills over a span of two to three months (subject to statutory and school holidays during the period). The course is spread over almost half a year, allowing plenty of time in between to practice and consolidate newly learned skills

  • Nearly 30 hours of class time consisting of interactive lectures, instructor’s demonstrations, role-playing under Rachel’s guidance and support, and workbook exercises, allowing for a holistic enhancement of parenting skills

  • Highly hands-on and pragmatic approach, with focus on ‘Learning by Experiencing’; small class size (6-12 participants) allows plentiful opportunities for impactful role-play and meaningful discussion

  • With no judgement and no blame, the programme offers a mentally safe space for everyone to learn life-changing communication skills to start anew

  • An 130 paged workbook for exercises and revisions

  • No exam or test, but optional assignments of real life practice. For individual parents, Rachel also provides after-session coaching support to facilitate their learning

Rachel 繆美詩 teaches Parent Effectiveness Training in Vancouver Canada
Parenting education 家長教育
Parent Effectiveness Training 家長效能訓練 Parent Education 家長教育 Parenting

Parents' Reviews
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Recycled Paper

     "Rachel’s classes changed the whole world for me. It is a training that guides me to

      raising an independent yet helpful, resilient yet determined, confident yet humble,

      positive, loyal and compassionate child. A child possesses such qualities not because

      they are taught to be one but instead inspired to be one. 

      I am grateful for all Rachel taught me.  My 5 year old now feels empowered and

     more inclined to stick with a solution when she helps to find it. I can communicate

     honestly with my child, I am called to respect her needs and feelings, and am

     charged with making sure my own needs are addressed as well.

      P.E.T training helps me in building strong relationship with my child and the others.

      Through this continual process, I have learned so much about myself.  The

      techniques illustrated in Rachel’s class helped me become a better person and

      make everyone around me a happier and more cooperative individual. "

                                                                                                  Fanny, floral designer, mother of a 5 year-old girl

Recycled Paper

          "Thanks to Rachel’s course, I have learned the effective way to communicate

           with my child. In the process, I have grown such a respect for my child, which

           results in a significant improvement in our relationship.

          My son is now much more willing to tell me about his daily life, and is showing

          interest in listening to my opinions. He has taken a more cooperative attitude

          with family too. 

          My son is big into gaming. Much to my surprise, without even a nudge, he is

          putting down his game console to offer help in the kitchen! In response to his

          changes, his father has softened up a lot as well. Our home sweet home is now

          remarkably calmer and more harmonious."

                                                                             Ms Chan, former civil servant, mother of an 11 year-old boy

Recycled Paper

     "Rachel’s course provides me with such an abundance of everyday examples

     that makes grasping the theories of P.E.T. an easy task. I particularly

     appreciate her insightful feedbacks during our role-playing sessions.

     They gave me the confidence boost I need to apply what I have learned to

     my child.

     Rachel offers no judgement, but only constructive guidance to lead us down

     the road of introspection. Step by step, she corrects and guides us to a better

     relationship with our children. I feel the burden of parenting is lifted from my

     shoulders; it no longer feels like such a daunting task to me!


     The course is pragmatic and instantly effective. I now feel empowered to

     face the challenges that await me when my child eventually enters adolescence."


                                                                                      Mrs Cheung, SEN teacher, mother of a 12 year-old boy

Recycled Paper

     "Through Rachel’s course, I have gained a deeper understanding in listening.

      When problems arise, the P.E.T. roadmap equips me with a calmer and accepting

      mind to face and tackle them. I might not be able to solve each and every problem

      of my child, but my empathy builds us a closer bond.


      I would have never imagined how powerful Active Listening was! Now my child

     opens up to me like never before! Some problems are difficult to solve by nature,

     but when the family ground is free from friction but with adequate breathing

     space, it sometimes gives room for unexpected solution to emerge."

                                                                          Ms Chow, former Waldorf teacher, mother to a 5 year-old girl 

Recycled Paper

      “I was astonished by how powerful the skills taught by Rachel were, as they

       almost rendered positive results instantly upon application. 


        P.E.T. guides me to ways of finding the roots of the problems to become a

       patient parent and a better person.”


                                                                   Mrs Ng, former kindergarten teacher,mother of an 18 year-old girl

Recycled Paper

      “I’d always thought my parenting skills were good enough until Rachel’s course

      opens my eyes to re-examine them. It makes me realize that the way I used to

      speak, unbeknownst to me, must have been somehow stressful and hurtful for him. 

      I didn’t know communication takes skills and practice!

      I now understand that as parents, we have to use the right method to let our

      children feel loved and accepted. Only in this way, they will be opening up to

      us in return.”

                                                                                                     Ellen, housewife, mother of a 10 year-old boy

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